Here is a sample of some of our Clients representing the diversity of industry sectors that we provide solutions for:

iBlocks Provide: Global Content Management services and infrastructure support.


EcoSecurities is one of the world’s leading organisations in the business of sourcing and developing emission reduction credits from greenhouse gas emission reduction projects.

EcoSecurities as a recognised carbon market pioneer has amassed one of the industry’s largest and most diversified portfolios of carbon credits. EcoSecurities generates carbon credits through its work with companies in both developing and industrialising countries to implement projects which significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. EcoSecurities is experienced in developing projects across a wide range of technologies (such as renewable energy, agriculture and urban waste management, industrial efficiency and forestry); carbon offset standards and geographies.

iBlocks Provide: Full Gas and Electricity Account management and backoffice


UK Energy Industry - Creating the UK's first online energy management service

When Amerada management identified a gap in the market for supplying energy and phone to its customers over the internet they turned to iBlocks to deliver the solution.

Amerada with iBlocks turned the vision into reality and created a hugely successful online business, selling gas and electricity to domestic households through a fully automated account management system.

Atlanta Technology

iBlocks Provide: Reporting a data management services


Atlanta Technology designs and delivers services to relieve their clients of the burdens of server and network infrastructure ownership. Atlanta are experts in virtualisation, hosted servers and managed infrastructure.

Right across their range of solutions and services they have core competencies in hosting, server, storage and network virtualisation allowing them to focus on delivering the right mix of services their clients.


iBlocks Provide: Over 10 projects across the rail industry.


ATOC's mission is to work for passenger rail operators in serving customers and supporting a prosperous railway. Set up after privatisation in 1993, ATOC brings together all train companies to preserve and enhance the benefits for passengers of Britain’s national rail network, which jointly we do by providing the following key services:

  • A central clearing house for the train operators, allowing passengers to buy tickets to travel on any part of the rail network, from any station, through the Rail Settlement Plan
  • A customer service operation, giving passengers up-to-the-minute information on train times, fares, reservations and service disruption across the country, through the National Rail Enquiries (NRE)
  • A range of discounted and promotional railcards, cutting the cost of travelling by train for groups including young people, families, senior citizens and people with disabilities, through Commercial activities

Trade association activities include providing a national voice for Britain’s train companies and seeking to generate and shape policy on the railways, mainly through Policy, Operations and Engineering, together with Corporate Affairs.


iBlocks Provide: Website and data publishing services.


VRL publishes around 30 in-depth reports every year. These are compiled by associate editors, who are specialists in their field and contain non-formula, original content based on fact and expert opinion.

Containing proprietary data and in-depth analysis combined with considered intelligence, VRL reports review the most pressing issues and trends impacting on the world of finance and cover a broad range of topics. VRL reports provide the analytical intelligence needed to make informed business decisions in a concise and incredibly cost effective manner and often negate the need to incur costly external consultancy services.

In a recent customer survey on reports, conducted by VRL, 92 percent of respondents stated that VRL reports give access to information that is either difficult or time consuming to acquire. 93 percent said it gave them a good overview or summary of market developments.

Domestic and General

iBlocks Provide: WEEE data management and reporting prototype.


Domestic & General provides warranty services for UK and International clients and comprehensive product protection for more than nine million customers.

First ScotRail

iBlocks Provide: ESB Data Transformation services.


ScotRail is a member of FirstGroup plc, Britain's leading transport provider. ScotRail operate 95% of passenger rail services in Scotland, providing 2000 services a day. ScotRail also operates all but 3 of Scotland's 344 passenger stations, of which 142 are staffed.

For further details of the full range of businesses that First operates, please check online at