Consultancy Services

iBlocks consultants have over 50 years of industry experience of designing and building quality solutions for our clients.

We use a combination of workshops and regular reviews of tangible software to ensure that what we build is the product that you require. iBlocks consultants integrate with your business teams to form a combined project team. This helps information flow and improves the quality of the end result.

Our consultants will carefully analyse your requirements and map business processes directly to software components. This approach allows us to design the software in a way that can be clearly reviewed by your business and confirm that requirements are being met.

Members of your team can review the workflow processes and make changes and enhancements according to business needs. Our methodology embraces business driven change without unnecessary delays to implementation.

iBlocks maintain a large library of configurable components that can be connected together to build a tailored solution. These components cover a wide array of business and software tasks, such as;

Scheduling, Data Capture, Rule Execution, File Import / Export, Validation, Reporting, Web Services, Email, SMS, Social (Facebook / Twitter), etc

Many of our clients require custom building blocks that fit their business. These can be built rapidly and will slot into our modular architecture to immediately benefit from standard functions such as automated testing, auditing and reporting. Business specific blocks can be orchestrated through workflow so that business consultants can easily understand the blocks within the context of the business process.

While our team has a flexible approach we do not compromise on quality usable documentation that changes as the software evolves.