Hosted and Cloud Solutions

iBlocks focus on the complete application from software services to hardware infrastructure. We are able to advise our clients which architecture model best fits their requirement and offer a fully managed hardware implementation, maintenance and security program.

Cloud Deployment

Deploying your application to the cloud offers advantages to both large and small enterprises. Due to the flexible usage model and in-built fault tolerance, the cloud offers additional functionality at reduced cost:

  • Flexible growth - Small businesses can deploy their applications to the cloud for a minimum cost and as their business grows the infrastructure costs will grow with it. This give a low cost entry point to enterprise class hardware architecture and ensures that the hardware can scale with the software
  • Handle high demand - Businesses that have unpredictable high load.or regular peaks can benefit from the cost per use model that the cloud offers. For example, if your site has high demand early in the morning you can scale from two machines to twenty during the peak period. You only pay for the computing power you use so this is far more cost effective than maintaining twenty machines to deal with peak load.
  • Improve Fault Tolerance - iBlocks Cloud solutions are built with fault tolerance as standard. Infrastructure components can be deployed and load balanced across availability zones within a region. Traditional architecture require redundant Disaster Recovery hardware which is unused for most of the time. iBlocks cloud deployed applications service requests from multiple locations, if one location becomes unavailable then the other location will scale up automatically to handle the load and continue processing.

iBlocks are an Amazon web services partner and have production applications running with the cloud environment. We also offer solutions based on private and hybrid cloud architectures.

Hosted Environment

iBlocks offer a resilient hosting environment across our two data centres. Our data centres offer physical security, a stable environment, backup generators and resilient bandwidth across multiple providers. Managed hardware ensures that technicians are on hand to resolve problems as quickly as possible and that operating system and firewall security patches are tested and applied. Server monitoring with email alerts are provided as part of our solutions.

All critical equipment at the data centres (e.g. generator, UPS, air conditioning) are regularly maintained and tested. Monitoring systems are in place to warn of defects of critical systems (e.g. UPS voltage, generator non-start, and chiller pressure).

The data centres provide a 24 hour 365 days a year operating environment with highly experienced staff always available. Access to the site and equipment is carefully controlled to ensure that only authorised personnel are permitted.