Systems Integrator for centralised UK Rail Services

iBlocks is a Systems Integrator for centralised UK Rail Services provided by Rail Settlement Plan.

Data Transformation & Distribution (DTD)

The DTD is a service that takes fares, timetable and Routeing Guide from back office systems, transforming the data into common formats before distribution to all UK Rail front office retail systems.

iBlocks won the contract to provide the service in November 2012. The software is a replacement to the Fujitsu RJIS Data Factory and was built, tested and delivered on time in April 2014 and runs under a Service Management Contract.

A project is underway to integrate the DTD with RSP’s Product Management System which is under development and the DTD will also be a Data Hub for the integration and distribution of all reference data between the centralised Rail Industry systems.

Routeing Guide

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The National Routeing Guide is a comprehensive set of rules that determine whether travel is permitted for a chosen route between any two stations on the UK rail network.

iBlocks won the contract to build the software that maintains the rules of the Routeing Guide. The software uses a Google Maps User Interface to visually maintain these rules and assess the impact of changes on Journey Planning and Ticket Issuing Systems.

Under a Service Management Contract, iBlocks maintains the software on the Amazon Web Services Cloud. We also work with RSP to investigate and resolve issues that arise directly against the service or as a result of changes to Fares and Timetable schedules which have a complex interaction with the Routeing Guide.

Their embedded knowledge of rail industry data means that iBlocks are able to apply a logical and methodical approach to incidents and problems. As a result, RSP and its clients receive robust and timely solutions.
Andrew Head, RSP Operations

PAYG Converter

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Working for ATOC, iBlocks built the PAYG Converter to interface TfL Systems with the RSP Settlement System for the Oyster Extension to National Rail (OXNR) project.

The PAYG Converter was delivered on time in Janaury 2010 and alongside other systems and services provied by ATOC, TfL and Cubic for the OXNR Project, won the award for ‘Excellence in Technology and Innovation’ at the 2011 London Transport Awards.

The PAYG Converter is an iBlocks managed service that processes Oyster transactions, apportioning the National Rail revenue from TfL revenue and creating aggregated SDCI+ transactions that are batch processed into the RSP LENNON settlement system.

The Service processes over 200 Million customer journeys and nearly £½ Billion revenue annually. We are regularly externally audited and the system has run without fault since its implementation in 2010.

Recently the PAYG Converter was upgraded to handle Contactless Payment transactions in addition to Oyster transactions.

Other Services for RSP

integrated services

iBlocks is a Systems Integrator with more than 10 years experience of ATOC-RSP services. Software projects that we have developed and managed have led to us becoming knowledge experts in UK Rail systems and data.

  • Retail Control Service - provides interoperable functionality to enable Ticketing Issuing Systems and Journey Planners to determine the flows on which a ticket may be used for travel using mobile, self print and smart fulfilment methods.
  • Label and Reporting SOPI - provides rail station printing of all UK seat reservation labels and other reservation reports through an XML interface to the National Reservation Service. This was our first Rail Project. It was built and implemented in 2003 and is still in operation today.
  • Fares Comparison Service - compares the fares for a new fares setting round against the previous fares and produces a set of reports to be used by ATOC Public Relations prior to the reveal date of the new fares.
  • ToD Reconcilliation - Reconciles Ticket on Departure transactions with LENNON sale and issues transactions. This service has been replaced by the Live Sales Service.
  • Data on Demand - provides rail industry data to the public from ATOC's website as part of the government's commitment to transparency.