Service Overview

Software Services

iBlocks solutions are built using an open source technology stack to keep development and licensing costs to a minimum and focus on building the right solution for you. We employ an agile goal focused development process designed to deliver maximum business benefit for minimum cost.

Our solutions use enterprise grade architectures that scales with your business. Open standards such as XML, Web Services and SQL are used to promote interoperability with existing and future systems. iBlocks often allow assignment of IPR to you and can keep your investment safe with an Escrow agreement. This gives you the freedom to choose us without fear of lock in. [READ MORE]

Consultancy Services

iBlocks employ a team of highly qualified software engineers drawn from the best universities with a depth of industry experience and knowledge. Our consultants are well placed to offer advice on which of the latest technologies will work for you.

We find the most successful projects are founded on a basis of trust and understanding. This is often achieved by working closely with our clients onsite and through workshop sessions and by providing frequent hands on progress updates. Our flexible approach does not tie you in upfront decisions and allows identification of new requirements throughout the process. [READ MORE]

Solution Prototyping

Solution prototyping can be a useful tool to provide an in depth understanding of requirements. iBlocks offer quick turnaround on prototype or proof of concept projects. Our aim is to give you a frank appraisal of the approach and a written analysis of the outcome.

We broadly offer the following type of prototype projects; Proof of concept - Proving the viability of an idea or portion of functionality, Performance - Creating a high performance design for mission critical sections of functionality and performing full stress analysis, Infrastructure - Demonstrating scalable architectures either hosted within a corporate infrastructure or an elastic cloud design. [READ MORE]

Hosted and Cloud Solutions

iBlocks manage servers across a number secure and resilient data centres offering both production and DR infrastructure. All critical equipment at the data centres (e.g. generator, UPS, air conditioning) are regularly maintained and tested. iBlocks constantly monitor performance of infrastructure components to ensure that they perform to specification.

iBlocks also offer cloud solutions on the Amazon EC2 cloud platform. This allows our clients to take advantage of scalable cloud infrastructure and benefit from an open book charging model, where you only pay for the hardware you use to service your customers. [READ MORE]

Training and Support

Our support team understands the importance of building good client relationships. We work closely with you to ensure issues are dealt with efficiently with a easy access to the iBlocks development team.

iBlocks often provide second line support services to managed or internal helpdesk staff rather than dealing with end user enquiries. We find that this approach allows our clients to manage helpdesk services centrally and therefore benefit from reduced costs. [READ MORE]