smartTIS Cloud Ticketing

iBlocks smartTIS is the first TIS accredited Account Based Back Office capable of performing the full cycle from tap capture through to fare generation, payment collection and revenue settlement.

Customers may travel on rail and bus without purchasing their tickets before travel or queuing at a ticket office. Through use of a full function web portal, customers may monitor their travel spend and journey history. Customers have complete freedom to travel pay as you go, use season tickets or purchase prepaid tickets on-line.

iBlocks smartTIS simplifies complex fare structures offering customers the cheapest fare option for travel throughout the day. Using our advanced journey processing engine we are able to calculate the cheapest fare for a set of customer validation taps.

Customer fares are deducted from their account balance. When the balance falls below a threshold the service will auto-topup through a PCIDSS complient payment service.

The service is token agnostic and supports contactless EMV, ITSO smartcards, mobile apps, barcode or a combination. All we need is verification of a customer location and the time at which the journey is started or ended and the journey processing engine will do the rest. We have proven integration layers with ITSO HOPS and mobile services.

Settlement of customer journeys is managed by our RSP accredited settlement service. This generates standard rail tickets, plusbus and bus only ticket types for revenue apportionment using industry standard procedures.

Customer Portal
web portal

smartTIS implementations are fully integrated with a secure online account management portal to provide customers with a view of their journey details (including transit mode, location and time), travel spend and auto-topup transactions. Customers can clearly see which journeys are covered by their season or prepaid tickets and which are chargeable to their Pay As You Go account.

The service is capable of integrating with customer services systems to manage customer communication regarding journey or payment issues. Journeys may be completed via the portal within the restrictions of the fraud detection mechanism.

Future Ticketing
future ticketing

Our cloud ticketing solution is not restricted by specific gate line, validator or card technologies, so is capable of supporting future ticketing concepts:

  • three day seasons - apply season tickets for three days within a week
  • off-peak seasons - discounted fares for off-peak travel
  • fare capping - daily / weekly / monthly capping across modes
  • bespoke zones - arrange fares in a configurable zonal structure
  • carnet style tickets - advance purchase of travel tokens

This is just a selection, please contact us if you have a particular requirement.

Revenue Protection
ticket inspector

Fraud detection reporting analyses journey pattern data and identifies repeated incomplete journeys, dumbbell fraud and inconsistent travel. Customers are automatically notified when they fail to complete a journey an may correct this through the portal or via customer services. When a customer reaches a fraud threshold their token will be marked as hotlisted and the customer will be prevented from further travel.

The service also accepts 'inspection taps' captured when an inspector validates a token either on-train or at the station. Inspection taps are integrated into the journey pattern and will automatically generate penalty fares where appropriate.

Service Orientated
integrated services

iBlocks smartTIS is capable of full integration within your existing service providers using industry standard technologies including WS-* and RESTful web services. A number of services may be integrated

  • Customer Services - all communications and customer management events can be passed to external customer services software
  • Token Integration - integrate with ITSO HOPS, cEMV, mobile apps or other token mechanisms for tap collection and card hotlisting
  • Web Portal - provide journey, fare and transaction information for display within your web portal
  • Settlement - integrated LENNON settlement and bespoke settlement reports for other transit modes