Software Services

iBlocks build application software using an open source, open standard technology stack.

All our solutions are enterprise grade and scalable from a one server solution to an n-tier fault tolerant cloud service. This is achieved without modifying the software allowing your business service to expand and contract by hourly demand whilst avoiding unnecessary costs.

Development costs are kept to a minimum. We reuse existing modules and operate a very efficient development system that allows us to maximise productivity and therefore reduce cost. Our systems are built on enterprise software with low or no licence fees and these savings are passed onto our clients.

Business Automation Solutions

iBlocks implement a full business process and rules engine which is capable of executing business process diagrams developed in conjunction with your consultants. Process diagrams that can clearly be understood by all parties allow development of the correct solution that can be easily altered as your business changes.

Business activity monitoring provides you with a detailed understanding of how smoothly your processes are working. Where issues are identified the business process can be enhanced to rectify issues. This process of constant iteration means that changes within your business or efficiency improvements can be implemented immediately.

Enterprise Software Solutions

Enterprise applications must be capable of interacting with each other to deliver a seamless solution. All of iBlocks software is web services enabled and can communicate using enterprise web service standards (either WS-* or RESTFul).

We can leverage our business automation technology to complete business processes across any web service enabled application. This often means you can avoid the costly duplication of data between applications and the expense of additional integration systems. iBlocks software is capable of capturing SLA data at the web service layer so you can clearly measure our performance and the performance of other suppliers that interface with our provided services.

iBlocks offer configurable web portals that are managed using a web browser environment. This allows your internal users or external customers to interact with your services. All our solutions are security tested and employ the latest browser security to ensure your information remains safe.

Integration and Data management solutions

Data integration within any business can be extremely difficult, there is often a range of legacy applications that communicate in a variety of different formats.

iBlocks data adapter services solve this problem by interpreting and transforming almost any data from any system. Integrating legacy applications allows you to manage existing data sources whilst taking advantage of the latest business technologies.

Reporting Solutions

iBlocks integrate report generation services directly into our workflow modules. This allows reports to be dynamically generated and delivered to the end user.

For more information on the technology we use to build our software have a look at our technology approach.