iBlocks Technical Approach

iBlocks have a deep understanding of today's technologies and the business benefits they can offer. We use an array of different approaches that best suit our clients:

Modular Architecture

iBlocks use industry compliant workflow tools to define business processes and interact with external systems. Our business processes allow flexible orchestration of business blocks to model requirements. Management of business processes can be performed through a web based visual editor tool.

We support both BPMN 2 and BPEL open standard for business process execution.

Service Orientated

iBlocks build reusable service components that represent both business and service functions. Each service is encapsulated within an auditable, monitored and secure environment.

Services may be published via WS-* or RESTful web services for consumption by third party systems. Published services have a defined and monitored SLA which can be reported on via our client management portal.

Hosted or Cloud Deployment

iBlocks solutions are independent of infrastructure restrictions. We are able to deploy to a wide range of database services, operating systems and architecture types.

iBlocks software will run on hosted infrastructure or public, hybrid and private clouds. Our aim is to give as much choice to our clients as possible, but we also offer consultation to indicate the best approach for your requirements.


iBlocks XML and integration services are capable of communicating with both XML and legacy based data services.

We have a suite of components that can understand, validate and import data in a variety of formats. This allows us to offer smooth transition to web based services while retaining compatibility with legacy services.

Enterprise Java

Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) is the industry standard for enterprise Java computing. It provides functionality to deploy fault-tolerant, distributed, multi-tier enterprise software across different platforms and architectures.

Java represents an open choice giving our clients the best options for deploying their solution.