Training and Support

iBlocks takes pride in our long-term client relationships. We engage with your business and ensure that we go above and beyond when it comes to client care.


We provide training solutions that balance cost and time against achievement and measured outcomes. We offer a range of training services to build a training program that includes workshops and seminars with prepared written and online guides to ensure that your people get the best out of our solutions.


iBlocks provides Operational and Service Management services. We are committed to best practice, quality and results in IT Service Management. Quality procedures have been audited to ISO 9001:2000 standards.

iBlocks offer the following management services:

  • Call, Incident and Problem Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Change Management
  • Performance and Availability Management
  • Contingency and Capacity Management
  • Service Management and Application Maintenance

iBlocks provides 1st or 2nd line support for our systems to its clients across a variety of industry sectors including Telecoms, Financial Services, Healthcare and Transport. We can provide a support package to meet your requirements from a business hours service to a 24*7 service for always up mission critical applications.

Our support team work closely with the business consultants and software developers that designed and built your solution. This allows us to provide a continuity of aftercare that ensures that the same high standards are maintained through the life of the solution.

Prior to initiating a support service for a client, a service level agreement (SLA) is arranged. This includes the definition of priority levels for issues and the agreed response and resolution times for these priority levels. The escalation procedures are also defined by the SLA.

We use the Issue Management System JIRA® as a central repository for support issues raised by the helpdesk and defect reports raised during testing phases. Integration of the support and testing logs allow support calls to raise defect issues and pass details into the release cycle. The support log can be searched and reported against to identify commonly occurring issues. Resolution of these issues can be planned into the appropriate release cycle.

Reporting against the Issue Management System allows us to assess performance of both the support team and iBlocks software. Performance can be analysed over time to ensure sufficient support resource is available to deal with issues.

Where iBlocks manage the infrastructure for the service, we will monitor hardware for capacity planning, mean time between failure indicators, stress points and service availability. If any automated checks fail, iBlocks is notified and can take appropriate action to resolve the issue. iBlocks always attempt to identify system issues prior to being notified by the user base.

Hosted services are maintained within a highly resilient data centre with 24 hour hardware and systems support. iBlocks have access to a team of dedicated hardware support personnel who can resolve any hands on issues that may occur with the servers.