iBlocks Software Solutions

iBlocks smartTIS

iBlocks smartTIS is the first TIS accredited Account Based Back Office capable of performing the full cycle from tap capture through to fare generation, payment collection and revenue settlement.

  • ticket models - freedom to travel pay as you go, use season tickets or purchase prepaid tickets
  • multi-modal - support for bus and train fare models, expandable to other transport modes
  • accredited - accredited settlement engine for LENNON integration, uses latest industry feeds
  • future ticketing - support capping, three day seasons, bespoke zones, etc
  • proven technology - in live use with passengers and backed by enterprise technology

Please see our smartTIS page for further details or contact us for more information.

iBlocks smartRepay

iBlocks smartRepay is a solution for automated delay repay claim assessment on UK Rail.

  • Automated Delay Repay - claim decisions and fulfilment
  • API Integration - with Customer Relationship Management systems and train operating company Websites.
  • Claim Portal - Guided Customer Service Agent (CSA) claim entry
  • smartTIS - integration

Please see our smartRepay page for further details or contact us for more information.


iBlocks Systems Integration services are delivering projects to the transport sector. iBlocks is a Systems Integrator with specialist knowledge of the centralised systems, data and processes of UK Rail managed by Rail Settlement Plan (RSP). We have been working in this field for more than 10 years and have successfully delivered 8 key service solutions to the industry.

  • IT Consultancy - specialising in open source enterprise solutions
  • Solution Delivery - Design, Project Management, Software Development, System Testing and Deployment
  • Service Management - managed services based on industry standards – ISO 9001 and ITIL
  • Rail Consultancy - detailed knowledge of fares, timetable, routeing guide and real time train movements