iBlocks smartRepay

The smart solution for automated delay repay claim assessment on UK Rail.

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iBlocks smartRepay is a new Service designed for UK train operating companies to reduce the costs of managing Delay Repay claims. The key business benefits that the solution provides are:

  • Fully automated claim decision and fulfilment.
  • Reduces the human resource cost of manual processing.
  • Improves the accuracy of claim decisions.
  • Increased speed of claim decisions for a better customer experience.
  • Fraud detection.

The smartRepay database collects real time train information, fares, timetable schedules and Lennon ticket sales. Each submitted claim comprising of ticket information and the customers intended journey is assessed against the database to calculate a claim decision.

smartRepay CRM

Key Features of smartRepay

  • Configurable rules for Delay Repay Schemes.
  • Accurate ticket identification and ticket validity assessment.
  • API integration with Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) and TOC Websites.
  • White label customer claim portal.
  • Guided Customer Service Agent (CSA) claim entry portal.
  • Configurable decision confidence thresholds for CSA referral.
  • Integrates with smartTIS.